Texas Frightmare weekend

Did some networking this weekend, maybe something will come of it.

Met and re-met some cool people along the way.

To the few who bought my book, please contact me if you want to discuss it after reading. Also amazon reviews are appreciated!

Special thanks to Tom Holland for accepting a copy of my novel to read.

Book 1 available soon

My shipment came in, going to wait until after Holiday chaos to ship to amazon for sale.

I’d like to thank a few people for all their help this year…

Investor: C. Davis

Editorial support: Maria at tigerxglobal.com

Design/editor: I. Kowal

Artist: R.L Clarke- arrclarke@gmail.com

Special thanks to: Erin M. for finding remaining typos!

Proof copy

I’m officially printed! Already finding errors on my proof copy on  my part.

Self publishing is a lot of work. The alignment looked good on the computer, but in the book…needs more work.

I must have the perfect edition.

*** Now awaiting my 2nd proof. And this is it I’ll be ready to distribute!

Book Quotes

Draish: “After living and passing throughout six hundred years; one goes beyond the extent of madness.”



Malphina: “Where’s your honor, respect for royalty?”

Draish: “In the grave with my dignity…I care not for human hierarchies.”


“You were always so beautiful,” he told her, “Tis a shame your blood must spill,” he was calm with his words.